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You are losing up to 40% of leads from your website. According to a Stanford study, captchas result in up to 40% lost leads. SpamKill is a proprietary spambot-blocking solution that works better than captchas without any captchas.

100% Captcha-Free

SpamKill is free from annoying captchas.

100% Human-Friendy

SpamKill detects human (or non-human) behaviour

Works with HTML Forms and Wordpress Plugins

SpamKill works with wide variety of CRMs and Wordpress plugins. Check our website for an up-to-date list of compatible tools.

Nancy Seeger

Best to kill SPAM before they get into your APP and SpamKill does that. The clients I have using this software have saved so much time and money – not to mention their in-box placement – with this tool, that the cost is insignificant. Don’t miss out on a tool that is worth every penny.

Richard Bueckert

SpamKill has been 100% effective in stopping spam from getting into our Keap app. But it is more than that - as an agency, SpamKill has been how we "got in the door" and converted several of our prospects into clients. Ask a prospect if they are getting spam submissions through their website and if their current agency or MSP cannot stop it. We install SpamKill for one month FOR FREE as long as they agree to have us take over at the end of the 30 days as long as we stop the spam. So far - 100% success rate using SpamKill. Truly one of the best tools we have for getting new clients.

Scott Hartley

Spam bots coming in through your web forms costs you. It eats up your time having to remove them from your CRM, which prevents you from investing more time following up with REAL leads. It damages your ability to get your emails landing in the inboxes of REAL people. And so much more. SpamKill is the ONLY solution that prevents nearly 100% of all bot submissions from causing havoc. The best part ... it works with ANY web form on your website. At such a low monthly investment, it's a no-brainer.

Mark Penney3

Form spambot entries are a huge annoyance, and can have a negative impact on your email deliverability due to complaints from the real mailbox owners getting your emails when the spambot signs them up. SpamKill just stops the bots in their tracks. It just works. Support from Mihir is excellent, and he has introduced some of the improvements that I have suggested, and always fixed any issues I had (or helped me figure out what I did wrong :D). It's cheap insurance. Set and forget... once you have put it into your workflow, it only adds a few moments to adding or updating Keap webforms to your website. It also now protects forms other than Keap. I have tried other options... none of them come close to being this effective and problem free.

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