About Johnny Automation

We provide game-changing services, so your business runs more efficiently and profitably.

Keap Certified Partner
  • Business Consulting & Coaching
  • Financial Services and Insurance (financial planning, wealth mgmt.)
  • Software and Technology
Service Speciality
  • Campaign Automation
  • Consulting - Business Strategy
  • Consulting - Marketing
  • Consulting - Operations
  • Consulting - Sales / Sales Pipeline
  • Sales Pipeline
  • Website Design & Development
  • English

- Review your high-level goals, core values, and purpose - Discuss the KPI’s you use to track your goal progress - Uncover any obstacles preventing you from scaling or evolving the business - Go through how you hire and fire

Marketing Analysis

- Review your current marketing investments - Go through what metrics are used or missing to track your return on marketing spend - Review the tracking process from new lead to conversion - Discuss your marketing goals and how they are kept accountable

Software Management & Implementation

- We’ll review your existing systems being used and if they are the right fit for your goals and tasks - Go through a software checklist and document your software workflow Uncover areas where cost can be cut or value can be added Discuss solutions to by-pass 3rd party platform costs (i.e. zapier)

Data Organization

- Discuss how your data is organized - Reveal if we need to join multiple systems to bring all of your data together - Suggest efficient ways to organize and report on your data - Review and suggest CRM and database solutions

Campaign Automation

- Review any existing campaign flows with follow-up automation - Go through our campaign checklist and see what’s missing - Help you and your team save time with automation implementation - Automate email, SMS, and phone calls

Accountability System

We’ll develop a trustworthy plan for tracking KPIs and Metrics in all areas of your business to keep each team and team member accountable for their tasks.

Employee Productivity

- Review how you keep your employees accountable for their tasks - Discuss ideas on how to keep your employees accountable, productive, and happy - Manager dashboards solutions to see who needs help and where they need help - Discuss ways to motivate employees with gamification, and so much more!

Advanced Reporting

- Review your existing reporting solution (most commonly, excel) - Discuss how often you monitor your KPI’s and teams’ performance - Uncover solutions on how you can make confident decisions based on your data - Review ways you can have interactive, real-time dashboards